A new finance platform is born.

We share the ultimate values, vision and goals of LOA.

  • 1
    Innovation in finance Loan without credit check
    Unlimited investment
  • 2
    Innovation of investment Deposit service of cryptocurrencies
    Ensure investment opportunity cost
  • 3
    Innovation of cryptocurrencies Provide financial services benefits
    Support credit card and online-pay

loa pure section

Combine cryptography
and finance.
LOA present a new revenue model
that moves away from unnecessary procedures
and unreasonable financial market systems.
  • blockchain
    Cryptocurrency A safe and transparent deal
    World first deposit service
    Presenting innovative profit model
    Continuous value added creation
    Finance Omit unnecessary procedures
    Quick and convenient transfer and payment
    No credit limit, no investment limit
    Build independent financial ecosystem

loa ecosystem section

  • Autonomous
  • LPM
    Asset management
  • Service for
    investment and
    real properties
  • Service for
    investment and
    deposit service of
  • Investor Provides a variety of cryptocurrency products, innovative investment environment
  • Loan applicants Minimum interest rate guarantee, additional discounts, reinvested opportunity costs
  • Planner Autonomous participation, high wages and infrastructure
  • Capital Automatically matching loan applicants, offer additional returns